Tunbridge wells


Come and eat at our Royal Tunbridge Wells restaurant and experience an evening of joy! This imposing building dating back to 1866 used to be the West Station with train services running to the South Coast.

Still featuring the ticket office and having reinstated the clock tower to a fully functional clock this building is very historical and Grade II listed. Even Buffalo Bill came to town here with his travelling circus in 1903, the animals even escaped and run wild through the town! You can come to dine with us and also book a room at our Tunbridge Wells Hotel to stay in our Ranch-style bedrooms and make a real night of it.

Walking through the doors of our Smith & Western Tunbridge Wells Restaurant, the authentic Wild West décor and walls adorned with memorabilia will make you feel like you have stepped back in time across the pond. All restaurants even have a jail area, so make sure you don’t step out of line for fear the town sheriff may lock you up!

Enjoy our blended cocktails and cold beers before trying the tastiest of appetisers and mains, from our Nachos, BBQ ribs, steaks, homemade burgers and fajitas to mention just a few good ole American favourites at our Royal Tunbridge Wells restaurant!

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